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Do you recall playing with shadows as a child? Have you ever watched a child marvel at a rainbow of colors created as light shines through a prism? Young children are inspired by light, color, and shadows. Children construct knowledge about their world through sensory exploration, investigations, and through relationships with people and materials in their lives. Through imaginative play with light, color, and shadows children are not only expressing their creativity but also building their brains!


STEAM is a progressive education movement that focuses on developing critical thinking through science, technology, engineering, art, and math experiences. Experiential learning through research, trial and error, and exploration develops perseverance, problem-solving ability, and fosters self-discovery of competence. All of which are valuable traits for future scientists, engineers, artists, and business leaders of tomorrow. In addition to the cognitive development, the social relationships built with peers and teachers, through rich descriptive conversations and shared curiosity are powerful.


We are raising $5,000 to establish a Light and Shadows STEAM Lab at The Children’s Program. All donations will go directly to the purchase of materials and maintenance of the lab. Items purchased will include projectors, light tables, LED panels, varied lighting sources which have interactive features, colored translucent materials along with assorted opaque materials. The HES Leadership Board will match the first $1,000 pledged to the Light and Shadows STEAM Lab at The Children’s Program during Bama Blitz.


Children as young as two months old up to five years old will be able to experience and explore this dynamic space. Additionally, students who are studying early childhood development will be able to access this lab for planned lessons and observations of young children. The Light and Shadows STEAM Lab will provide opportunities for young children to explore, wonder, create, and learn for many years to come.

HES Leadership Board Match
The HES Leadership Board will match the first $1,000 pledged to the Light and Shadows STEAM Lab at The Children’s Program during Bama Blitz.
$1,000 MATCHED
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