International Travel Fellowships

Our funding is to internationalize the experience of our students in the College of Education with our partner institutions and study abroad to expand international knowledge as it relates to the different fields of education for our graduate students.


The COE has a collaborative exchange program with Shanghai Normal University - Tianhua College in Shanghai, China. Each summer COE Elementary Education faculty teach at SNU-TC. We also have other collaborative relationships with universities in China, including Beijing Normal University, East China Normal University, and Nanjing Normal University.


Two faculty members are directors of faculty-led study abroad programs. Study abroads have taken students to places such as the Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, and Austria.


Our goal is $12,000. We hope to fund three $4,000 stipends for graduate students to study at one of our partner institutions or study abroad programs. They would travel with a faculty member who is already part of the teacher exchange program or the study abroad program.

Number of Gifts Leaderboard
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Rank College or Program Gifts
1 Culverhouse College of Commerce 216
2 Human Environmental Sciences 207
3 Athletics 169
4 Engineering 116
5 Communication & Information Sciences 109
6 Student Life 79
7 Arts & Sciences 74
8 University Libraries 58
9 Nursing 57
10 National Alumni Association 50
11 Honors College 43
12 1831 Scholarship Fund 42
13 Education 42
14 Social Work 37
15 Law 36
16 Community Health Sciences 22
17 Graduate School 7
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Rank College or Program Raised
1 Arts & Sciences $717,703.31
2 Athletics $233,592.23
3 Human Environmental Sciences $41,593.62
4 National Alumni Association $38,746.62
5 Culverhouse College of Commerce $34,860.35
6 Social Work $14,566.62
7 Communication & Information Sciences $13,531.56
8 Engineering $12,086.55
9 University Libraries $11,696.62
10 Nursing $5,244.93
11 1831 Scholarship Fund $4,934.93
12 Law $4,208.31
13 Student Life $4,010.62
14 Honors College $3,868.31
15 Education $3,051.93
16 Community Health Sciences $2,458.31
17 Graduate School $248.31
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