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Help us develop business leaders by offsetting high costs associated with experiential learning trips, conferences and interviews.


Our students have incredible opportunities to do things such as corporate visits to FedEx, Wells Fargo and Williams Sonoma, attend the Grace Hopper Conference for women in technology, Jefferies Inspiring Women for Finance Symposium and countless others. Students must apply and interview for these opportunities and go through training and professional development before each trip.


Our goal to cover all expenses for these students so there is no financial burden for them as they expand their horizons and represent the College. To do this, we hope to raise $15,000.


"I cannot stress enough how valuable this conference has been to my career. I know for a fact that I would not be where I am today in my career without the Grace Hopper Celebration. I will now be starting my career as a software engineer at Apple, and this would not have been possible without GHC."

-Emily Huynh, MBA

Number of Gifts Leaderboard
Which area of campus will receive the most gifts during Bama Blitz? Make a gift to your favorite area of campus to help make them #1 on the Leaderboard.
Rank College or Program Gifts
1 Culverhouse College of Commerce 216
2 Human Environmental Sciences 207
3 Athletics 169
4 Engineering 116
5 Communication & Information Sciences 109
6 Student Life 79
7 Arts & Sciences 74
8 University Libraries 58
9 Nursing 57
10 National Alumni Association 50
11 Honors College 43
12 1831 Scholarship Fund 42
13 Education 42
14 Social Work 37
15 Law 36
16 Community Health Sciences 22
17 Graduate School 7
Amount Raised Leaderboard
Which area of campus will receive the largest amount of dollars during Bama Blitz? Make a gift to your favorite area of campus to help make them #1 on the Leaderboard!
Rank College or Program Raised
1 Arts & Sciences $717,703.31
2 Athletics $233,592.23
3 Human Environmental Sciences $41,593.62
4 National Alumni Association $38,746.62
5 Culverhouse College of Commerce $34,860.35
6 Social Work $14,566.62
7 Communication & Information Sciences $13,531.56
8 Engineering $12,086.55
9 University Libraries $11,696.62
10 Nursing $5,244.93
11 1831 Scholarship Fund $4,934.93
12 Law $4,208.31
13 Student Life $4,010.62
14 Honors College $3,868.31
15 Education $3,051.93
16 Community Health Sciences $2,458.31
17 Graduate School $248.31
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