Bama Blitz 2018

Blitz: /blits/ n.

a sudden, energetic, and concerted effort


What is Bama Blitz?

Bama Blitz is an inspiring online fundraising event for alumni, faculty, staff, students and friends to come together and support The University of Alabama. Using the power of social media and crowdfunding, you can give back and pay forward in support of your favorite cause, college or program.


When is Bama Blitz?

The inaugural Bama Blitz will begin at noon CST on April 11 and end at 8:31 p.m. on April 12, lasting 1 day, 8 hours and 31 minutes in honor of the University’s founding year.  


Why should I give during Bama Blitz?

Bama Blitz is an opportunity to show the magnitude a large number of gifts can make on the University. This campaign will bring high energy and excitement to supporting UA and make your gift more immediate, direct and personal. By flooding social media channels with posts about Bama Blitz, your gift will raise awareness and encourage others to join you in support.


Can I designate where my gift goes?

During the event, you can choose the area that means the most to you from the many giving opportunities listed at Whether your heart is with your college or school or you have an interest in a specific research initiative or student program, you are free to choose what your gift supports.


How can I help Bama Blitz?

You can help increase the impact we make with Bama Blitz!

  1. Use your social media channels to bring awareness to this event using #bamablitz.

  2. Make your gift on April 11 at

Questions? Contact The University of Alabama Office of Annual Giving at 205-348-7701 or

Donor Map
Rank State Gifts
1 AL 769
2 GA 74
3 TN 52
Library Leadership Board Match
The Library Leadership Board will match every dollar pledged to University Libraries up to $15,000.
$11,696 MATCHED
Support the Crimson Tide Scholarship Fund
Your contributions to the Crimson Tide Scholarship Fund can help provide a student-athlete a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to become a member of the Crimson Tide. Gifts to Athletics are being matched up to $20,000.
$20,000 MATCHED
Number of Gifts Leaderboard
Which area of campus will receive the most gifts during Bama Blitz? Make a gift to your favorite area of campus to help make them #1 on the Leaderboard.
Rank College or Program Gifts
1 Culverhouse College of Commerce 216
2 Human Environmental Sciences 207
3 Athletics 169
4 Engineering 116
5 Communication & Information Sciences 109
6 Student Life 79
7 Arts & Sciences 74
8 University Libraries 58
9 Nursing 57
10 National Alumni Association 50
11 Honors College 43
12 1831 Scholarship Fund 42
13 Education 42
14 Social Work 37
15 Law 36
16 Community Health Sciences 22
17 Graduate School 7
Amount Raised Leaderboard
Which area of campus will receive the largest amount of dollars during Bama Blitz? Make a gift to your favorite area of campus to help make them #1 on the Leaderboard!
Rank College or Program Raised
1 Arts & Sciences $717,703.31
2 Athletics $233,592.23
3 Human Environmental Sciences $41,593.62
4 National Alumni Association $38,746.62
5 Culverhouse College of Commerce $34,860.35
6 Social Work $14,566.62
7 Communication & Information Sciences $13,531.56
8 Engineering $12,086.55
9 University Libraries $11,696.62
10 Nursing $5,244.93
11 1831 Scholarship Fund $4,934.93
12 Law $4,208.31
13 Student Life $4,010.62
14 Honors College $3,868.31
15 Education $3,051.93
16 Community Health Sciences $2,458.31
17 Graduate School $248.31
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