Engineering's Concrete Canoe
Bama Blitz 2023 | Concrete Canoe Hull

Click the Give Now button above to help the College of Engineering raise $5,000 for this year's passion project, Concrete Canoe!

Concrete Canoe is a student organization that designs, builds and races a canoe made entirely from concrete. Though predominantly comprised of civil engineering majors, the group is accessible to any UA student. 

Last year, the team finished in the top three of the regional competition for the first time in a decade. Securing a first-place finish would advance them to the National Symposium and shine a spotlight on Bama Engineering. One major improvement can help them reach this goal: a milled mold. 

A milled, as opposed to a hand-built, mold will allow for more precise features in the finished canoe. With greater detail, the team predicts reduced drag, improved top speed and room for greater design creativity. 

While a strong competition performance is important, the priority is providing a space for members to pursue their passion. Concrete Canoe helps members achieve this goal while demonstrating that through engineering anything is possible... even making rocks float! 

If you wish to support the College of Engineering in a different way, consider making a gift to the Capstone Engineering Society by going to bamablitz.ua.edu/cengineerings.

Engineering Match
Vic Systems International has generously agreed to match all gifts -- up to $5,000 -- received during Bama Blitz to support UA Concrete Canoe. Through your support during Bama Blitz 2023, the team hopes to purchase a CNC milled hull. A milled hull, rather than a handcrafted hull, will not only help to lessen water drag during competition races, but it will also allow for greater creativity and experimentation during the building process. Give now and make your gift go farther!
$5,000 MATCHED
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4 Culverhouse Student Immersion Experiences 75
5 OTIDE Military Support Fund 70
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