A&S D.C. Professional Preparation Program

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This year, the College of Arts and Sciences noted the placement of over 25 students, including 6 students who participated in the Washington D.C. Professional Preparation Program, in internships in the Washington D.C. area. These internships ranged from serving members of Congress to placement in the Department of Homeland Security’s Office of Cyber Security. 

We want to continue this program to give students from The University of Alabama a head start in navigating the complex Washington D.C. environment and provide them with a safe, secure and promising experience. We now want to ramp up our D.C. Professional Preparation Program to provide the D.C. experience for up to 100 students in the Spring of 2024. 

Our Bama Blitz project for 2023 will help defray the cost of this experience for many more of our students who saw this as inaccessible, particularly those who are first-generation and those with financial constraints.

Your generosity will help contribute to students’ airfare, lodging, transportation to and from their internship sites and other expenses related to exploring internship and career opportunities in the Washington D.C. area. 

Program Description

The Washington D.C. Professional Preparation Program provides students with opportunities to explore careers and internships in government, non-profit organizations, political organizations and various other industries in the dynamic Washington D.C. setting. The program focuses on professional preparation and features a Spring Break visit to Washington D.C. and the surrounding region. During the trip, students are paired with professionals whose areas align with student interests, and students conduct informational interviews. The College of Arts and Sciences also hosts a reception with UA alumni and representatives from D.C. organizations to help our students network for potential opportunities. Before traveling, interest sessions are provided so that students can prepare themselves for the professional environment in Washington D.C. and learn about internships/jobs in the area. During the trip, students meet with representatives at government and industry sites and, of course, tour the region and visit historical sites and cultural centers. All A&S majors are encouraged to consider this program. Site visits include a broad range of organizations, including but not limited to: The Kennedy Center, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, relevant research organizations, Boeing Corporation, Congressional offices, the White House Historical Association and law firms that focus on government and lobbying issues.

Once placed in an internship, students are continuously supported throughout the summer with resources, site visits and A&S receptions in Washington D.C., so that each student feels supported and prepared to explore more permanent career opportunities. 

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