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Culverhouse College of Business

As we celebrate our centennial, we are also at a pivotal moment. We will soon break ground for a state-of-the-art building that will house education, research and collaboration rooms.


Hewson Hall will be a transformative addition to the Culverhouse College of Business, establishing a new heart for the College that is on par with the very best business school facilities in the country. It will be a place that gives students the space to create and collaborate and faculty the room to conduct innovative research.


This year the Culverhouse College of Business Bama Blitz passion project has two distinct and special opportunities for Hewson Hall: named seats and a classroom named in honor of Dean Emeritus Dr. J. Barry Mason.


Named Seats

Hewson Hall, rednering of main lecture room

The forthcoming Hewson Hall will feature several distinct and highly-visible lecture and classroom spaces. All friends of the College have the unique opportunity to name seats in these spaces.

  • Large Lecture Hall with 300+ fixed seats at $500 apiece
  • Case Classrooms with 100+ total seats at $200 apiece

Named seats will include a plaque. Culverhouse staff will be in contact with you after Bama Blitz regarding the information that is to be placed on the plaque.


As part of Bama Blitz, the first 100 seats in the Large Lecture Hall will be “Centennial Seats.” The donors recognition plaque will highlight those who give to support one of these exclusive seats.

Hewson Hall, ground floor design plans
Large Lecture Hall, Ground Floor (300+ Seats)
Hewson Hall, First floor design plans
Case Classrooms, First Floor (100+  Seats)  


The Dr. J. Barry Mason Classroom

All friends of the College are invited to contribute any amount they wish to name a classroom in honor of Dr. J. Barry Mason, Culverhouse Dean Emeritus. Dr. Mason, who retired in 2011 after decades of service to The University of Alabama in leadership roles including a stint as interim President, is deeply beloved by all those who have had the pleasure of working with him. He is still involved in the Culverhouse community and attends many of its events.


Any contribution towards the classroom is appreciated and a list of contributors will be sent to Dr. Mason.

Dr. J. Barry Mason speaking


If you have questions regarding these two unique opportunities, please email the Alumni and Corporate Relations Office at acr@culverhouse.ua.edu.


Rendering of Hewson Hall, Front

Amount Raised Leaderboard
Which area of campus will receive the largest amount of dollars during Bama Blitz? Make a gift to your favorite area of campus to help make them #1 on the Leaderboard!
Rank Department Raised
1 Culverhouse College of Business $1,752,719.33
2 Communication & Information Sciences $161,730.18
3 Engineering $116,691.40
4 Nursing $98,327.31
5 General University Scholarships $78,025.00
6 Athletics $57,199.17
7 Human Environmental Sciences $50,224.31
8 Student Life $50,000.00
9 National Alumni Association $36,798.52
10 Arts & Sciences $25,041.10
11 University Libraries $10,994.00
12 Continuing Studies $8,896.31
13 Education $7,975.31
14 Area of Greatest Need $7,630.00
15 Social Work $7,570.00
16 Hugh F. Culverhouse Jr. School of Law $7,485.00
17 We Are UA Faculty & Staff Giving Campaign $4,621.00
18 Honors College $4,170.00
19 Community Health Sciences $3,110.00
20 Graduate School $1,200.00
Number of Gifts Leaderboard
Which area of campus will receive the most gifts during Bama Blitz? Make a gift to your favorite area of campus to help make them #1 on the Leaderboard.
Rank Department Gifts
1 Culverhouse College of Business 318
2 Athletics 261
3 Human Environmental Sciences 138
4 National Alumni Association 133
5 Continuing Studies 133
6 Communication & Information Sciences 114
7 Arts & Sciences 112
8 Engineering 89
9 Nursing 85
10 Education 78
11 Student Life 68
12 We Are UA Faculty & Staff Giving Campaign 54
13 Honors College 50
14 University Libraries 48
15 Social Work 48
16 Hugh F. Culverhouse Jr. School of Law 40
17 Area of Greatest Need 35
18 Community Health Sciences 35
19 General University Scholarships 29
20 Graduate School 7
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