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The Cube at the University of Alabama is an active space where students learn, share, think, fail, succeed, and create by designing, devising, and constructing. Students in the Cube gain access to a carefully considered set of modern tools and training, providing them with a platform to explore new technologies and creatively solve complex problems. The Cube supports and promotes a culture of innovation by providing students access to the newest technologies in an open, welcoming, and enabling community workspace. Students from all over campus employ tools of engineering to discover useful, exciting, and innovative applications. This combination of multiple tools and approaches jump-starts the creative process and encourages exploration of many possible solutions to problems of personal and community interest. 


The Cube would like to add SLA (stereo-lithography) printing to its capabilities. SLA utilizes a UV laser beam to cure each layer of plastic as the part is removed from a liquid bath. This process yields extremely high-quality prints that have been used in countless industries for rapid prototyping and manufacturing. 


To add this capability to The Cube, we would like to purchase 3 Formlab Form 2 Printers at an estimated cost of approximately $15,000. These printers provide another strong avenue to introduce and educate students on many types and applications of 3D Printing. The Formlab Form 2 will expand The Cube's capabilities significantly allowing us to print parts that are bio-compatible and parts that are specifically meant to be investment casted in our foundry on campus. 


The Cube has been recognized nationally for its unique culture of innovation, as a place where students push the boundaries of their education with hands-on, experiential learning and collaborative projects, and for inspiring students to broaden their knowledge, practice creative design-thinking and problem-solving, improve their communication skills, master applications of new technologies, and become confident leaders.


The Cube is student-centered and process-oriented, fostering and creating opportunities for students to immerse themselves in creative thinking, innovative projects, and experiential learning through the responsible use of today’s cutting-edge technologies. 

The Cube also hosts events that showcase innovative and creative work, piquing student curiosity and engaging the community. Events range from small-scale, student-led workshops, training sessions or demonstrations to large-scale, multimedia spectacles. These events showcase student achievement and build strong resumes. Public presentations raise the standard for student work and provide opportunities for students to interact with a diverse audience. Events attract the attention of students and the community, generating enthusiasm and providing motivation and momentum for further work.

stereo-lithography printer

#D printing lab with three printers

The Cude, UA's 3d printing lab


Formlab Form 2 Printer

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